Composting organic waste

Composting organic waste streams into high quality organic soil conditioners.

Our thermophilic composting processes are monitored daily to ensure
maximum nutrient retention and quality soil conditioner output.


Our worm farming practices have evolved and developed over the last 20 years, dating back to the initial beginnings of Clean & Green Recycling.

Vermicasting processes helps break down complex organic waste streams in order to maximise nutrient-richness in soil conditioners.

Clean & Green Organics

Our soil conditioners are created and checked to Australian Standards.

We perform regular soil analyses to ensure correct pH and moisture levels, density, and mineral content – essential for healthy growth – to proudly promote our soils as high quality, nutrient-rich, organic soil conditioners.

Organic soil conditioners

Clean & Green Organics avidly believe in diverting compostable organic

waste streams away from landfills.

We recycle and accept a variety of organic waste streams, used in our composting processes, to create quality organic soils for Australian gardens and communities.


Our new trademarked system coined by the idea to improve household recycling and gardening, and ultimately eliminate organic waste from landfills!

Our new bin-soil swap system is easy and effective! Check out our website to find out more!